08 December 2008

The Train

I've already got behind on my entries!! Sorry guys, I had a busy day yesterday and didn't have time to write a post. Yesterday's advent picture was a train. It made me think of when Mr B and I were first dating, when we were students, and we used to go on the train into London a lot. After our first date going to the cinema (which we never got round to going to as we were talking so much!) our next date was a Mr B surprise. Mr B surprises me a lot with special nights out and will not give me any clues or any ideas what he's planned. Our second date was so special. We went on the train into London. ~ Believe it or not, the trains here up until 3 or 4 years ago were 'slam door trains' and they really used to scare me. Where my parents live and where I grew up the trains had normal automatic doors, but when I moved to Surrey the trains were from a different era! The doors were manual, just like normal doors at home, except there was only one handle on the outside of the train, so when you were inside you had to lower the window so you could reach outside to open the door! A lot of people would lean out of the train and open the door while the train was still chugging into the station which would completely freak me out!! I hated those trains. ~ So one cold night almost 5 years ago I was sat on one of these ancient trains with Mr B going into London. I kept pestering him to tell me where we were going and what we were doing, but he wouldn't tell me. When we arrived in London he took me for dinner here

Clos Maggiore is such a lovely restaurant in Covent Garden. There is a conservatory room with beautiful branches hanging indoors and tiny sparkling white lights everywhere - it's really romantic. After the meal Mr B took me here

To the Lyceum to watch the Lion King. Wow, I loved it!! If you ever get the chance to see it.... GO! It's so spectacular.

What a special night.

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  1. Sounds like Mr.B is a total romantic! Think he can give my boyfriend a few lessons!?