18 December 2008


Things making me cheery today

  • Mr B getting better
  • My office receiving delicious Thorntons chocolates from a company we work with
  • My new sonic toothbrush arriving in time for all the chocolate eating... my teeth will feel like I've had a deep clean at the dentist!
  • I've done this using Picnik
  • The last gift from our wedding gift list arrived last night... some beautiful crystal tumblers
  • Receiving a christmas card from "your Milkman"

But best of all I'm off home in a minute to spend the whole evening with Mr B!


  1. You have milkman?! I can't drink milk---but that thought makes me really warm inside

  2. Ps- Thanks for the book suggestion. I've never read the kite runner, but I read another book by him---A Thousand Splendid suns. I can't say I really liked it. But, maybe i'll try him again