11 December 2008

Today I feel like I'm living in a parallel world, where nothing's quite right and I wonder if someone 'up there' is playing a big joke on me.

I'm not sure what's caused it - but it could be any one of these reasons

~All the interviewees at my workplace today arriving over 50 minutes early for their interviews. Seriously, wouldn't you just walk and get a coffee for half an hour?
~ One of the said interviewees being an older version of Justin from Ugly Betty. He exclamed when he entered the office 'oooh, this is just like a little house!!!!!' in the most over-the-top excited voice he could muster.
~Calling my mum on my lunchbreak only for her to tell me she's pretending to be Britney Spears in her school's Christmas assembly tomorrow (she's a primary school teacher) and can I suggest dance moves she can do...
~Eating far too many fizzy cola bottles, bananas, shrimps etc. from the Woolies closing down sale. I feel sick. I feel hyper. RIP Woolworths, I'll miss your penny-sweets.
~The weasel in the office next door to me clicking his pen constantly, incessantly, all day.
~The fact that at 6:30am I wrapped presents, cleaned out Meisha's litter tray and washed up.

It is dangerously apparant that I'm in need of my yoga class tonight. I hope I calm down by then, otherwise I might just ruin the quiet, balanced atmosphere with a giggle-fit. Haha!

1 comment:

  1. So funny!
    Look out for Yarles in yoga class. I hope your teacher is better than mine! :)