01 December 2008

The Cat

Even though it's early on a Monday morning and I'm sat in the office (tut tut I should be working, I know!) I'm still delighting over a happy weekend.

On Friday night after work Mr B and I rushed into London from work. We met in the rain outside Covent Garden tube station and walked to the Duchess theatre (via a little place serving an ice-cold beer for Mr B and a large glass of wine for me) to see Buddy.

It was a fantastic musical, really fun and well done. A gentleman sat right behind us had actually seen Buddy Holly live - what a lucky guy, that is quite something! I was humming Peggy Sue for the rest of the weekend. When the show ended we walked to Trafalgar Square to get the train home. I was hoping to see the massive Norwegian Christmas tree but it's not up yet, so instead you can have a not-so-glamourous photo of black cabs and a tube entrance.

The rest of the weekend was filled with food, friends, my mum's school's Christmas fair, washing-up and Christmas cheer. We picked up our gorgeous little Christmas tree which Mama had bought for us, our friends brought us some mince pies (I'm going to have my first of the year today, yay!) and we retrieved our box of Christmas decorations from the darkest, spider-iest depths of the garage. This is what I spent yesterday afternoon doing and I don't care if it is too early, Mr B and I want to make the most of our pretty tree! Meisha was so intrigued by the glitter, pine smell and dangling baubles. With eyes as big as saucers, and a very cheeky glint, she sat hidden away under the boughs for the rest of the evening (probably in the hope we would leave her alone with this new uber-toy).

I bought lots of birds for our tree this year. Birdtreedecorations are a tradition in my family - my Opa and Oma had them in their tree and Mama still has a couple of these really old decorations. They are all faded now and so delicate, but they're still wonderfully pretty. My birds look so shiny and new but one day, hopefully, they'll be tarnished from life, love and lots of Christmas'!

As for my random post title, today's advent calender door opened to show a little black cat. I was so excited to open up the door and see what today's picture was! I don't think I'll ever grow out of advent calenders. When Mr B and I have children I'll still have to buy a calender for myself I think. That's nothing to be ashamed of is it?


  1. Hi!! Thanks so much for introducing yourself! I am so glad you decided to venture into the blog world! I put up a post about you this morning so hopefully some new friends will be coming your way!

    I love the pictures you posted of London. I miss the city so much!! My husband and I went there two years ago for two weeks and just fell in love. We only passed through Surrey while we were there so unfortunatly I was not able to enjoy the town!

  2. Thank you for your post & comment! Blogs have made the world so small... it's fantastic reading about people's lives in other countries.

    I'm glad you enjoyed London. I think it's a fantastic place... we're very lucky to live here. I will definately post some more photos of the city.

  3. Welcome to blogging!!! I haven't been to London but I will someday!!! I have to right? I love your tree it is so beautiful. Welcome again. {HUGS}

  4. Just stopped over from Mrs. Stiletto's blog! I'm adding you to my blogroll and will keep checking back!

  5. Thanks Gwen, you must come to London!! My husband and I live just outside which is perfect - we're close enought to go whenever we want but we live in the countryside away from the manic hustle and bustle.

    Glad you like our tree... we can only have a small one as we have a tiny house, but I love it!

    Nice 'meeting' you! x

  6. The tree looks so pretty :) Looking forward to more posts!!