04 December 2008

Advent - Day 4

Today is 'Advent Badminton' day!! There is a tiny picture of 2 badminton rackets and a shuttlecock behind window number 4. I must surely have the world's weirdest advent calender, don't you think? As I opened up the little window at 7:30am this cold, dark and very wet morning I thought that I might have to scrap my idea only 4 days in! I don't like badminton, at all. I like tennis and so when I play badminton I use my entire arm and whack the shuttlecock too hard. I just can't get the hang of it! So I have no badminton-related photos at all.

Instead I thought I'd share a photo of a 'sport' (I'm using the term loosely!) that is even more unusual... Orange Rolling

Orange rolling happened each Easter at my first school. We all used to think it was so fun! Some children would go to the top of the hill behind our classrooms and roll and the rest of the children would have to try to catch the oranges. After the orange rolling we would all do country dancing in the playground, dressed in our best country-dancing outfits. That's me, in the middle of the photo, wearing a portugese apron and neckscarf (I love my friend's Kylie t-shirt next to me... so 1989!)

Click here for more information, and to see that I'm not making this up!

Do you think the British are even stranger now?


  1. Can I tell you how much your last comment meant to me. I have struggled for years with the fact that Ellie is an only. I think I worry about it so much because I am from a larger family and because my mother-in-law and several of my friends are only children and they are all nutty. It really eases my mind to hear a postive spin on being the one and only!!! Plus my nieces are like my daughters so I'm sure Ellie will be extremely close with them too.

    And yep Fritz is our cat. I am still amazed every day that he is back and is alive. Its so funny because he won't even really walk near a door now. Every once in a while he'll look out the front storm door but he's not taking any chances on getting out again. :)

    Have a blessed day!!! {HUGS}

  2. I love hearing about your Advent calendar! I really want to find one for myself that I love!