08 December 2008

Going Bare

Do any of you use Bare Minerals makeup? I finally took the plunge this weekend and bought the start-up box set (with dvd)! Mr B thought I was a complete loon as I sat at the computer watching a dvd telling me how to put on my new makeup with my new brushes. I tried it out for the first time yesterday and oh my goodness it's divine! The Bare Minerals makeup doesn't feel like there's anything on your face at all, but it is really effective and gives a lovely glowing, even complexion. I'm completely converted.

As I was in the bathroom putting into practice the dvd tutorial I'd just watched Mr B kept shouting "are you using the kabuki brush yet" and "remember to tap off the excess"!! :)


  1. My sister and I love that stuff! I think it looks amazing! That's really funny about your husband helping! :)

  2. BAHAHA! My mother took notes during the dvd tutorial and refers to them while putting on her makeup.

    And yes, I am a complete convert as well. Their makeup is fabulous! My favorite of their products is called "weather anything." It is a liquid that can be mixed with their powdered eye shadows to create eye liner that will stay on- come hell or high water. It takes a little work, so I don't wear it everyday, but for likely-crying situations like weddings, it is a must have. And, you get to use your favorite eye shadow colors as liner!

  3. hahahah!!! That's what my husband did when I first bought the starter kit. I love it!

  4. We've only recently had it in the UK & even now it's quite difficult to find.

    Mr B was so funny!! I don't think he knew what he was saying but he kept repeating the phrases he'd heard... he just loved the word Kabuki!!!

    I will have to look out for 'weather anything' - I haven't seen it here before.


  5. I love your idea of posting each day with your advent calendar - I wanted to do that too, but I STILL haven't had the chance to go & get an advent calendar! so I am especially enjoying your posts :)

  6. Let me know what you think of it. I've been tempted to switch (I'm a Clinique user) but I'm always worried about trying something new. :)

  7. I bought then Bare Minerals, but since I never wore makeup anyway, it did not really inspire me to wear makeup now.
    However, for my wedding day I was really happy with the result.

    I have loved your sharing you advent calendar everyday... its been very fun!

    Thank you.